Sean Scott’s Buff Muscles

It occurs to me that the above blog subject reads like the title of a story. Damn. I really need to finish something.

Last week I was doing that thing where you look up people you admire on twitter on the off chance that they’re there. I found Sean Scott, whose stories I’d been reading since before I started posting my own. If you’re into muscle fiction and you don’t recognize the name, you might be more familiar with his pseuds Aaron Strong and Derek Flex. If you know any of those names, you know he writes good stuff.

He did, indeed, have a twitter account. I hit follow. That was that.

Until a few hours later and I get an email from the man himself telling me he’s a fan of my stuff. I freaked out. Didn’t reply for three days.

I mean, where does he get off, telling me he’s a fan? I was his fan first. Doesn’t he know how bizarre that is?

When I did write him, it was something to that effect. I don’t handle pressure well.

But lucky for me he’s nice and more, uh, centered than I am. And his website is not just nice, it’s niiiiiiiiice. With stories and pics and blog posts and videos. All of it geared toward the grownup crowd and all of it hawt.

Registration required to see some of the content, but it’s free and fun. It’s easy to get immersed there. A lot of my friends haven’t heard from me in, hmm, about a week now. XD

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  1. Libra says:

    Yea… his website is… fun fun fun! {happy sigh}

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