Still settling in from Yaoi-Con. Somewhere in between me realizing I don’t have enough shelf space for my new manga and me realizing I don’t have enough wall space for my new art, I got a couple of sweet reviews:

Lone Cover -- Click here to learn more about the story

Boylove Addict wrote that “This book is literally going right into my keeper shelf.” They said some other great stuff, too, and you can read the full review at:

You can also learn more about Lone (as well as read an excerpt) on my site.

Paul's Dream Cover -- Click here to learn more about the story

Paul’s Dream left Serena Yates at Queer Magazine Online “totally breathless,” and I’m stoked over that. She also used words like “amazing,” “engaging,” and “evil.” I probably shouldn’t be *as* stoked over that last one, but hell, drawing up a no-holds barred villain was surprisingly difficult.

To read all of this review, go to

And of course you can check out more Paul’s Dream stuff on my site.

I think jetting off to San Francisco did me good. Wrote 2700 words yesterday and plan to write tonight. Hoping this means I’m slipping back into a good groove.

2 Responses to “Reviews!”

  1. Brian says:

    Glad to know you’re writing! I love your books and I’m greedy for more muscle growth stories!
    Any tenative release dates on upcoming books in print. I only do print (or audio) so ebooks coming to print are new releases for me
    I wondered if there’s any plans for Michael Finally Grows up to get a print release when it’s completed? Notice how I’m optimistic it will get completed 🙂

  2. @Brian – Sorry, no release dates as of yet. I’d honestly never thought of putting MFGU out in print once it was done. Do you think people would be interested in that?

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