A Just Perfect Pepero Day

I’m backsliding into terrible title territory. And rampant alliteration, apparently. Still, I don’t think it’s as bad as Recharging with My Einstein Hair or Down with OTP (yeah you know me).

Ahem. Anyway.

I have news! And salutations! And prizes!

News: Just Perfect is tentatively slated for release in January 2012 from Torquere Press. W00t!

Salutations: Happy Pepero Day! This is a Valentine-like holiday celebrated in South Korea where candy is given to friends and loved ones. Pepero is usually the gift of choice, because Pepero comes in the form of delicious sticks of goodness and the sticks resemble elevens. Hence the November 11th date. And this year is particularly cool because it’s 11-11-11. In Japan it’s Pocky Day for the same reasons, although I hear the holiday itself is not as popular there.

Prizes: See these cylinders of heaven pictured below?

Yeah, giving them away. All you have to do is comment on this blog post any time today (11.11.11, Central Standard Time) and tell me which one you’d prefer. I’ll pick two names at random. One lucky person will win the strawberry Pepero, and one lucky person will win the dark chocolate Pepero.

Winners will be announced 11.12.11, so be sure to check back here to see if you’ve got yourself a cylinder.

Happy Pepero Day!

It’s also Veterans Day but I’m always unsure how to go about observing that one. My dad and brother are both vets and sometimes it seems wildly out of place to say “Happy Veterans Day.” So I’ll just say thank you to all those who’ve served their country. You’ve made tremendous sacrifices on our behalf, and I am humbled by your courage.

9 Responses to “A Just Perfect Pepero Day”

  1. Victoria says:

    Pepero, Pocky, whatever you call ’em, it’s still delicious. I want to celebrate pocky day, but alas, no pocky. Can’t wait for your new book, that’s even better news than the Pepero. :0) I also echo your sentiments regarding Veteran’s Day.

  2. Happy Pepero Day! I’m going to sneak out later to buy some and stash it in my room before my brother and sister-in-law see it. And yay for Just Perfect. 🙂

  3. slayer@junct.com says:

    That’s a really cute holiday, we should have more cute little days like that to show our appreciation for our loved ones.
    Really looking forward to the new book coming out. Muscle theft yay!
    If I win, chocolate please!

  4. teddy says:

    OMG can’t wait for the book 🙂
    Happy Pepero day and a strawberry one for me please 🙂

  5. Dannie79 says:

    That’s a shame about Japan everybody should have an awesome pocky/pepero day. It would be like the us not really celebrating valentines day. So I say HURRAY for sticks of yumminess and a double HURRAY for the new book. Oh and chocolate please. You should also try the little chocolate filled panda’s they’re good.

  6. Autumn says:

    So this would be my first time posting to a blog….I so love your books can’t wait till the book is out ….and pls the chocolate one would be wonderful to try. And last Happy Pepero day…:)

  7. I had to come on over, I have an obsession for all things South Korean. Kpop, the dramas and the pretty pretty men. Now I want their Pepero!

    I would like the Chocolate!!

  8. Rain says:

    I had no idea there’s a whole day dedicated to these “cookie sticks”! Not that I’m protesting… They are delicious, I just wish I had known beforehand, so I could have gotten some for 11/11. I would have gone for chocolate. 😀

  9. @Victoria – Haha thanks. I’ll be buckling down on edits this weekend.

    @lucious.geisha – My brother steals mine too. And he has six kids, so yeah…

    @slayer@junct.com – Hello to a muscle theft enthusiast!

    @teddy – I hope you enjoy “Just Perfect” when it does come out. 🙂

    @Dannie79 – I do notice a lot of special edition Pocky coming out in November so maybe it’s catching on. Plus Japan pairs Valentine’s with White Day which we don’t do and a lot of other cool stuff. South Korea has Valentine/White/Black… and now I’m rambling.

    @Autumn – Wow, Autumn. Welcome to the blogosphere, and to my blog in particular. I hope you had a very Happy Pepero Day. 🙂

    @Pants Off Reviews – I’m not up on what’s big on the Kpop scene anymore, but I do remember in my youth I was obsessed with Sotaeji & Boys. Which is definitely not how you spell that.

    @Rain – I love when there’s a rush of new flavors/styles, as what usually happens in November, but my favorite is Nude Pepero because (a) It doesn’t melt and stick together in the Texas heat and (b) I’m a pervert.

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