It’s simple math, really.

Sometimes I storyboard. I take a pack of index cards, write down all the scenes that are jumbled together in my mind (one scene per card), and lay them out on the carpet. This way, I can see if the storyline and character arc makes sense. I like storyboarding more than outlining because I feel as if I have more leeway to add scenes, delete scenes, and shuffle stuff around (this advantage, of course, is all in my head because cut & paste lets me do all of that on the computer). It’s a way of getting organized that works for me.

Below is one of the cards from a novella I just finished:

Recognize those names? 😉

2 Responses to “It’s simple math, really.”

  1. AJ says:

    I’m excited just thinking about it…and I loved Just Perfect…as I do all your books

  2. @AJ – I’m glad you liked Just Perfect! It was a lot of dark and twisty fun to write. XD

    Even though Ace and Spade are more from the fluffy side of my personality, they’re hella fun too. It was great to revisit them.

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