Werewolves! And apologies!

First, I’m sorry for the recent influx of spam on this blog. My blocker is usually really good, so I don’t know what happened with that.

Next, the second addition of my werewolf story, Lone, is available for preorder! Although I think the book reads much more smoothly now, and I like a few of the VERY small tweaks I added, I still don’t think I would recommend it if you’ve read the already. Overall plot is the same.

Release date is April 8th, 2022. Second set of apologies for the short notice. I meant to post the announcement this past Sunday, but I got sicker than usual and was actually told I had to stay in bed. I find that mildly ironic being the reason I was sick this round was acute insomnia that even sleeping pills couldn’t fix. >.>

The bed is sooo boring. I don’t even have a TV + game console in my room. But I do have a budget friendly yet kick-ass sound system, and a stack of books I hadn’t read, so it wasn’t all bad.

Last apology: I haven’t been able to update the main website because even though I.T. support says my login info is correct, I can’t log in. So they’re currently working on the problem now. There’s also a bunch of anime missing from my Funimation account that Funimation insists is in my library. Totally unrelated but I felt like griping. 😉

I sincerely hope the second half of your week and following weekend is filled with good times. 🤟🏼

Oh! Purchase link for Lone: https://books2read.com/u/bpw7Dq

As of right now it’s not available on Amazon yet, because Amazon’s gotta be Amazon, but should be soon.

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