Testing… Testing…

Does following blurb make you want to read its story?

I was ten when Charlie Davis showed up on our doorstep. He was only a year older, but in my eyes he was cool and kind and mature. He’d barely taken a step inside when I was head over heels.

Small problem: The older we got, the more his talent for music pulled him in one direction, while my talent for…uh…sex pulled me the other way.

Bigger problem: The reason he at the door in the first place? His mom was marrying my dad.

2 Responses to “Testing… Testing…”

  1. Brian says:

    Yeah it sounds interesting.
    I’m assuming it’s gay. Making it clear the protagonist is male would help grab the readers you want I think.
    Maybe just working in the protagonist’s name, assuming it’s not a gender neutral name.

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