I haven’t heard from my editor since May 2021 and as near as I can tell her last online post anywhere was July 4th 2021. Does anyone know if Raven McKnight is okay? She used to work with Loose Id. The online tags I know are @ravensrandoms, @gl1tterbug, @Ravenmisc and RavenM. Raven McKnight is the name she uses online, like Rowan McBride is for me.

She has health problems and I live in a Oobleckian bubble of time distortion, which is why it took me this long to realize she seems to be off the grid.

In May she took on my new novel, so I really don’t think she would be out of touch this long if she could help it.


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  1. WillWriteInSecret says:

    I searched through internet, im sure you can view her twitter and are aware of her goodread account. I sent a following request in case if she answers. I don’t have much other than that. Good luck, i hope you get in touch with them very soon

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