First, thanks to a reader looking for a copy of Touching Fire: Paul’s Dream, I have learned that Liquid Silver Books/Publishing is no longer in business and Paul’s Dream is apparently out of print. sigh

But! Silver lining: I get to revise the book, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. So… yay?

Second, Yahoo!Groups is shutting down, which means my newsletter/mailing list will be gone come December. I…don’t really see a silver lining here. People can subscribe to my blog, but sometimes I put life stuff in there. I have a Tumblr, but that account is pure chaos. I have Twitter, but it’s, well, uh, Twitter. The Yahoo!Groups newsletter was strictly for book and contest news. All business so that your inbox wouldn’t be filled with personal/political/reblogged art of hot guys and Marvel memes.

I’m thinking of switching to MailChimp. What do you xudes think of MailChimp? Do you have a preference for another service? If so, let me know, yeah?

And now, finally, something cool.

As promised (months and months ago) here is the cover reveal for the third edition of Want Me—

What do you think? Since this will be the third edition, but with very few changes to the text inside, I decided to blend elements of the covers from the first and second editions. Check it out:

The base image:

Then, the color scheme:

Cool, yeah? I also added some shooting stars because you can never have too many shooting stars. Unless you’re one of those poor bastards in “Day of the Triffids.” If so, Walker’s brand of magic is the least of your problems. O.O

I am currently working on the final draft of Last Heartbeat: Flow. The book now has a cover. Which I designed. All by myself. But that reveal will be later. 😉

Edit: Just found out I can’t even send a message to my newsletter subscribers that there will soon be no newsletter. wtf?

Wear a mask.


5 Responses to “Ohhhhkay”

  1. Tish says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m excited to read your new book! And the new cover design for Want Me looks great! This is a hard time for everyone, but reading something new from you puts a lot of joy in my heart. Thank you for sharing your writing and imagination with all of us. It’s appreciated, now more than ever!

  2. Alex says:

    Hello Rowan! Being the fan of your writing, especially the early books, i’m so glad they still have some special place in your heart and mind. Was re-reading “Warm Rush – Chasing Winter” recently and just couldn’t stay away from saying: THANK YOU for that incredible book. There is a special category of literature I can return to again and again, when i feel down or close to giving up – Warm Rush is definitely one of them.
    So i was wondering, from the name of it, was it supposed to be a first in a series? If that’s so, are you considering returning to those plans or have you outgrown that setting?

    • Rowan McBride says:

      Hi Alex! Thank you for writing! By now my stories have been orphaned and reprinted so often that I’m not entirely sure which of them were my “early” stories BUT Chasing Winter was my very first published novel so I’ll never forget that. 😉

      It was originally meant to be a series, yes. Even wrote five chapters of Warm Rush: Waiting for Spring. But in the end I didn’t think the concept was right and dropped it. Some people have written me asking if Josh gets his own story, and I’ve been playing around with that idea.

      It’s just an idea, though. For now. 😉

      • Alex says:

        Thank you for the answer, Rowan!

        When i was imagining possible ideas for the sequels i thought about the Warm Rush as a meeting point for all the characters. Not just some regular thriving company but a brand name, life-affirming philosophy for those depressed, feeling lonely or simply rejected by society. I really liked how the Warm Rush company and it’s products were reflecting Jesse’s mindset and all stages of his personal struggle. Just thought it could greatly affect a lot of people somehow connected to Warm Rush. Regular employee struggling with his sexuality of specific fetish and looking up to Jesse and his courage was the first concept flashed in my mind. Completely forgot about such promising and complicated character as Josh, my bad.

        Anyway, i’ll cross my fingers and wish that you decide to write another book osf that setting sometime. Thank you again!

        • Rowan McBride says:

          Actually, Warm Rush *was* intended to be central to each story. The first edition of “Warm Rush: Chasing Winter” was originally just titled “Warm Rush.” Then I figured out what I thought was going to be the series, and the second edition had the title it has now.

          Don’t worry about forgetting about Josh. I did too until people started writing me and asking about him. I literally had to re-read my own story to figure out who the heck he was. But you’re right, he is a promising character, and now I feel bad about breaking his heart.

          Keith’s brother, Ryan, is also an interesting guy.

          So, lots of options. The original plan was an okay one. Just not quite right.

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