True Joy

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, April 9, 2007

Man, that’s a cheesy title. {Sigh.} I don’t think of titles so well on the fly. It usually takes hours or days or (in the case of “Lone”) months of agonizing for me to come up with a good one. But here’s the reasoning behind the title of this particular blog:

I have an e-book; it’s called True. Here’s the cover–

Hot, right? It’s just been reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed, hence the “Joy” part in the blog title. Among other things, Cassie had this to say about the story:

I was intrigued by the idea of shapeshifters who have to love to survive, and Ethan was such a sweet, earnest and caring hero that I couldn’t help but root for him.

I loved writing Ethan. He’s adorable. A little suicidal at the beginning of the book, but that’s part of his charm. Besides, Brendan changes all of that right quick, and it’s a hell of a ride.

You can read the whole review here. There’s an excerpt on Twisted Shift, as well as some odds and ends about the story on my own site.

I hope you check it out!

— Rowan

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