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Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, June 24, 2007.

A while back, I blogged about my utterly cool, super kawaii Gaara plush. You can read the story of him and his Urahara hat here, and you can see the pictures of him (cuteness of DOOM) here.

A few weeks ago, a friend got me an Urahara mini plush. Incredibly cool. I may have squee’d. Of course, I put him on the same shelf as Gaara. And, awww, weren’t they cute together with their matching hats! Brothers, even!

Shyeah, right. For the next few weeks, more often than not, I’d walk into the room to find poor Urahara on the floor. It was bizarre. And kinda scary. Bottom line, the plushies were not brothers. Gaara was apparently kicking ass in my absence.

So a different friend, sensitive to my plight, sent me yet another plush. This one was also a mini, but of Toshiro. Very scowly and in street clothes, so you know I loved him instantly. The note attached said, “I figure if anyone can keep Gaara in line, Toshiro can.”

My friend and I just met Toshiro on Bleach. For some strange reason that even we don’t understand, we’ve decided to ration our Naruto and Bleach episodes to what comes on CN every Saturday. So right now Naruto’s learning Jiraiya’s spinning chakra jutsu and Ichigo’s on a race to free Rukia from the tower.

You think I’m digressing, but I’m not. Had to give you a bit of exposition, because I wrote this insane script of what happened when my three plushies (why does that sound like a sitcom?) got together:

Gaara peering over the shelf: And stay on the floor!

Urahara: It’s my hat! You’re copying me!

Gaara: You think you can come into my house and talk that smack?! Next time you’re up here I’ll knock you back down AND use the sand coffin… hey, what’s that?

{rowan sets toshiro on shelf, picks up urahara and returns him to his place}

Toshiro: What the hell is going on here?

Gaara: Oh, great! Another one!

Toshiro: Hey, I recognize you. You’re from a different shonen jump manga. {looks at urahara} Dude! It’s you! Haven’t seen you since you left the spirit realm!

Urahara: {clutches hat}

Toshiro: {looking at gaara again} Were you messing with my homeboy?

Gaara: Oh, the both of you are so hitting the floor.

Toshiro: I don’t think so, red. I’m a captain ya know.

Gaara: I’m probably kazekage by now!

Toshiro: … I don’t even know what that means, but nobody’s hittin’ the floor.

Gaara: I’m like three times bigger than you!

Toshiro: I’ve got a scowl and I’m wearin’ street clothes.

Gaara: {uncorking the gourd}

Toshiro: {whipping out zanpakutou}


Anyway, that’s how I think it went. I’m not 100% sure who won, but right now all plushies are co-existing on the same shelf. 🙂

Now I have three plushes, which I think makes it an official collection. And they’re not killing each other, which is good. Is it weird that I want to take them back to Johnson and get a ‘family’ photo taken of them? That’s weird, isn’t it? Forget I said anything.

But don’t be surprised if those pics end up on this page.

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