Banned? Me? But I’m a freaking angel!

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, September 17, 2008.

Who would have thought one tiny little 100×100 pixel picture could get the big red stamp from PhotoBucket?

I was updating my MySpace page with the usual once-overs—checking links to make sure they still worked (most of them did, except for two that the Space was *sure* were malicious), and refreshing the page a few times to make sure that the images that weren’t loading were actually broken and not just being ornery. Three images needed replacing, so I uploaded them to PhotoBucket and coded them into my site. It worked, and I felt totally handy.

Then in the middle of the night (hardcore nightowl, yeah!) I check back to gaze upon my fully functional page. Given my color scheme, the big red image that replaced my newsletter image was pretty easy to spot:


While I don’t think I’ve committed any of the listed prohibitions in their Terms of Use, PhotoBucket does say they can remove an image for any reason or for no reason at all. That pretty much makes them God in PhotoBucket land, and sort of a capricious one. But still, I thought my newsletter image was pretty innocent:

It’s not like they’re naked. Well, I think the guy behind him might actually be nude, but it’s not like you can SEE that.

Sigh. I suppose the silver lining here is that *I’m* not personally banned from PhotoBucket, otherwise all my images would be big red stickers and that would be a pain in the ass to fix on the fly. Tomorrow I’ll see if my creative problem solving skills (remember those? Touted by Orientation to College Life, or something?) will come in handy as far as finding a long term solution for my images.

But now I shall go to bed, because I think this is my first rant blog, and I’m sure no good can come of it. 😉

PS– I got the newsletter image above to post in this blog because I uploaded it to my DeviantArt site tonight.  DA isn’t really a hosting service, though, so I’ll see need to find a permanent solution once my brain starts working again.

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