Art of the 3am Conversation

Most of the best conversations I’ve had in my life happened at two or three in the morning, usually over coffee or pancakes. I think most people discover this phenomenon during a sleepover, or a camping trip. It tends to hit the next level in college, especially during midterms or finals when you’re studying with your friends and suddenly someone glances up and says something along the lines of:

“Hey, where does that phrase ‘cool beans’ come from, anyway? In what situation are cold beans considered a good thing?”

Thus signaling break time and a rather detailed discussion on the subject. Sometimes it’s not in depth at all. Sometimes it’s thirty seconds of random.

But it’s so much fun, and in my life, some mystical concurrence of forces arranges it to almost always happen between two and three a.m.

I had one of these conversations with a friend of mine shortly after the Oscars aired, and I’m posting it below. I shortened the IM names to protect the innocent, but I’m “R.” (The wicked need no protection)

R: i want to die right now and come back as hugh jackman in this outfit:
j: mmm
j: plus he’s really tall too
j: you know how that gets me
R: lol
R: i’d be such a slut. i wouldn’t be able to help myself
R: i think god made me funny looking to save my soul
R: lol
j: hahaha

I can’t say why I decided to share that, or relate it to my writing style in any way. It’s just that it’s currently three in the morning, and it seemed about right. 😉

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