Interviews! And Prizes!

I have two interviews coming up. One will be on Rain on Roof ( Monday, October 19th. There I’ll talk about writing, Pocky, manga. She asked me about my favorite shoes and rather than try and describe their shabby awesomeness I took a picture for her, so you get to see the footwear I sport almost every day if that’s the sort of thing that does it for you. 😀 Also, one of my currently published e-books will be given away in a drawing (you have to comment to enter — the winner will get to choose which story they’d like). I’ll be at the blog on and off all day, and I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun conversing in the comments section with whoever shows up!

On Tuesday, October 27th, I’ll be interviewed on Reviews by Jessewave ( I’ll be talking about writing, muscle growth, and ceiling fans. The prize given away will be an autographed copy of Want Me. If you already own Want Me, I imagine we could switch the prize up to an 8×10 glossy print of one of my book covers, or my Boy Meets Bishie logo. Your choice. Once again, you’ll have to comment in order to be entered.

Neither site requires registration to comment.

A weird quirk of timing is responsible for me having two interviews this month. My last interview (which, incidentally, was also my first interview) was done back in 2007, so it’s been a while. I gotta say—I’m a bit nervous. I hope to see you there, and I also hope I don’t stick my foot in my mouth. 😉

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