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Paul's Dream

Paul's Dream

ISBN: 978-1-59578-385-1

Cover art by Anne Cain.

Paul Graham is content with his life. An up-and-coming lawyer, he has no time to dwell on the mazes, puzzles, and riddles he solves while asleep. He has no interest in dreams, or anything that might derail his career.

Until Kian shows up. Sensual, playful, he claims that Paul rescued him four years ago. Now he's determined to repay him with the one thing he knows best: sex laced with... magic.

Kian is unlike any man Paul has encountered. He won't go away, for one. The fact that Paul doesn't remember him doesn't deter his mission of seduction in the least. But soon enough, Paul finds that this strange, carnal creature has the ability to melt his ice with a touch, to bring out a sweetness Paul didn't even know he had.

As Kian becomes a part of his life, Paul finds himself more and more attached. Forgotten dreams, buried memories, and the dangerous obsession of another conspire to tear them apart. Is he strong enough to endure a trial by fire in order to keep them together?


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TwoLips Reviewer's Choice

... Paul is easily one of the most memorable romance heroes I've come across.

--Mrs. Giggles
Mrs. Giggles Reviews
Rated a Keeper

Rowan McBride has written a delightful, delicious, erotically charged cream-filled dessert of a book.

Fallen Angel Reviews

Paul's Dream stole my heart. I Joyfully Recommend Rowan McBride's sexy paranormal roller coaster ride through law offices, bedrooms and dreamscapes. This is a truly wonderful romance that will bring a smile to you face along with tears of happiness.

Joyfully Reviewed

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Author's Ramblings:

Paul's Dream is probably one of my best books. I know it's always going to be one of my favorites, and (at the time of this rambling) I haven't even finished it yet. Two chapters and an epilogue to go. But, wow, so far it's been great.

Paul is cold at the beginning of this story. He's not cruel or harsh; he's just incapable of feeling real passion. And because his emotions are frosted over, he doesn't know to want that passion.

Enter Kian. Now, he is all fire, and he's more than willing to share that fire with Paul. Through Kian's determined seduction, sides of Paul are revealed that are sweet, kind, courageous. Kian changes as well, going from a creature who lives only for sex, to one who finds himself wanting to live for a single human being.

If I had to classify this series, I'd called it Gay Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance (or some combination of those words). Some of my favorite things.

-- Rowan McBride

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