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One Good Year

One Good Year cover art

Cover art by Anne Cain.

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Ten months ago, Spade was won in yet another high-stakes poker game. But Ace Donovan was different from his previous masters--kind, generous, possessed of a playfulness that only Spade could see. His new master was also broken, slowly crumbling under the pressures of undeserved guilt and pain. As Senai--a genetically engineered servant--Spade had the ability to sweep the anguish from his soul, to fulfill his every desire, and to set Ace's spirit free.

He had not known doing these things would grant him the human's love, or create an answering emotion within him.

There is no greater pleasure than Ace in his arms, and Spade will hold on for as long as he is wanted. Even when the orders given to him hurt, even when they make him lonely, even when it becomes clear that his master no longer needs a servant. He's Senai. What he has now should be enough. Yet it's not. He wants more.

One good hand brought them together. Could one good year entwine their souls?




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The is angst, drama, high emotion, and two lovers coming into their own made for a thrilling story.

Night Owl Reviews

Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention - SciFi and Fantasy Category

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Writer's Ramblings:

This book was only meant to be around ten thousand words. A nice little bonus story with Ace and Spade, who were so much fun to write in One Good Hand. I was looking forward to getting to see them have a bit of fluffy fun on Saint Patrick's Day. The official sequel to One Good Hand was supposed to be One Good Verse, featuring an entirely different pair, so I wasn't planning anything particularly serious.

But, from sentence one, it turned out Spade had more to say, more to learn. Before I knew it, I had an extra twelve thousand words, making this novella almost as long the first story in this series. And I'm glad. Because seeing Ace through Spade's eyes, getting to write them be together, laugh together, worry with each other, reminded me why they are my favorite pair.

I hope you enjoy reading them again as much as I enjoyed writing them.

-- Rowan McBride
February, 2012

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