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The concise writing and easy flow to the story made it a quick read for its length and highly enjoyable. The details regarding card playing added levels of dimension to the tale to create a wonderful fast read that I recommend to all readers.

Rainbow Reviews

I have only recently discovered the writing of Rowan McBride but I am rapidly becoming a huge fan. Mr. McBride has an amazing imagination and his writing is both unique and captivating. ONE GOOD HAND is no exception.

Romance Junkies Reviews

Rowan McBride's tale, One Good Hand, hooked me from its high-stakes opening and held onto me by the throat. Champion card player Ace Donovan wins Spade in a game and the man refuses to be freed, insisting he must belong to whomever wins. As Ace learns to open his heart to the noble and trusting Spade, it causes a transformation in both their lives. Spade is far beyond what he seems, and as his true nature began to reveal itself, I was unable to put down the book. I had to know whether Ace would be true to his own nature and allow Spade to be destroyed in the same way Ace's family had once been, or if Ace would rise above it and finally be set free himself. This book has it all. Tender and steamy sex, the meaning of trust, an exhilarating climax that had me almost afraid to look, and an ending that made me shout, "Yes!" This book is on my re-read list (I've already indulged) and the author on my auto-buy list for keeps.

--Author Kayelle Allen

This is one hot little story for aficionados of m/m sensuality, but I think it could also appeal to a general reading audience, with its intriguing premise and taut story line. I'm recommending this one, as a read and re-read.


One Good Hand isn't all about just playing cards, it is about life and what you make of it with what you are dealt.

A Romance Review

Ace is so strong, yet so vulnerable. And Spade is, well let's just say we all need a man like Spade.

The Romance Studio

I love male/male romance, and this one is superb. Mr. McBride has a way with words that keeps me totally engrossed in his stories. The characterization of Ace and Spade really captured my attention. They are perfect for each other, and it shows. Anyone who enjoys same sex romance with a twist should pick up this sensational story as soon as humanly possible.

--Susan White
Coffee Time Romance

One Good Hand is a wonderfully sensual read. Ace and Spade are a captivating couple brought together under some unusual circumstances. Beautiful men who show strong passion for what they want, and a marvelously unique storyline are just some of the reasons you'll enjoy this splendid tale.

--Water Nymph
Literary Nymphs Reviews

Looking for a story that is short, exciting and sexy? One Good Hand by Rowan McBride is the one you want. This is my first story by Rowan McBride but I know it will not be my last.

Ecataromance Reviews

I'm keeping my eye on Mr. McBride. I believe he is an author that deserves to have people spend their hand earned money purchasing his work. I'm glad I had the opportunity to read One Good Hand.

--Suni Farrar
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

One Good Hand is a unique story. Spade is a fascinating man. The things he does and is capable of doing are amazing.

Joyfully Reviewed

I loved how Ace who at first appeared to be a hard bitten gambler, but underneath he has many frailties and needs that make him very loveable.

Fallen Angel Reviews

Written from the first-person perspective of Ace Donovan, from the very first page it's easy to get swept away in this charming and touching character's voice, who has the authentic feel of a person who truly does make his living playing cards. ... Author McBride has certainly dealt readers a winning hand with this one, because all who pick it up are sure to enjoy it.

--Shannon Frost
TCM Reviews


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