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I'm a sucker for stories about brothers, but Rowan throws in a little magic, muscle theft, and revenge counterbalanced by the sweetness shared by siblings to take his latest short story to the next level of ecstasy.

--John Smith

"We're Drayners. How much of what we do is 'right' anyway?" (page8). (^_^) This is a pleasant short read with a good concept. There seems to be sequel possibilities here. At some points I get the feeling that Mark had the possibility to be more sinister as well. Well written m x m . Thanks.

--silapa jarun

As a muscle growth author myself, I can say Rowan's one of the best and classiest of the breed. Not a word wasted while making fantasies live and breathe. Don't let the seemingly eclectic subject matter fool you--this book is a superb choice for anyone interested in a dark, sexy read.

--The Xyggurat

I really enjoyed this very different book.

--Red Roses for Authors

Rowan McBride has fused a contemporary theme with a paranormal flare to create a very interesting short story based on the idea of what can happen if you give someone ultimate power. Travis is Mark's other half and possibly the only person who can influence Mark. The bond between Travis and Mark goes beyond that of regular twins to their delight. Thanks go to Rowan McBride for an interesting read.

Fallen Angel Reviews

A great read for a fan of the paranormal genre.

Romance Junkies

Rowan Mcbride is captivating and knows just what a reader wants. I felt my heart thumping as I held my breath waiting to find out what was going to happen next. Just Wait is a short, erotic twincest story unlike any other; among many things it is unforgettable.

Book Reviews by Crystal

If you like dark stories and twincest, you'll probably like Just Wait.

Joyfully Reviewed

As always Rowan McBride writes a story that will not leave you uneffected...

--Elisa Rolle
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This story is out of print for now.

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