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Just Wait

The Drayner brothers have always been close. Being twins has a lot to do with it, but they're also connected through their magic--a power that can steal the physical characteristics of anyone they touch. Mark has always been stronger, but he doesn't hesitate to share everything with Travis, including his bed.

As they start their freshman year in college, Travis notices that Mark's power is increasing at an exponential rate, particularly when Travis is nearly attacked and Mark begins to exact a methodical revenge.

Travis watches his brother's evolution in awe. Mark has promised him a present by the end of the week, but Travis can't help but fear that these changes will rip his other half away from him forever.

Right now, all he can do is wait.



Out of print for now.

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What has me so surprised about Rowan McBride's 'Just Wait' is that I'm still living the story in my mind long after I first read it. Those magical Drayner twins and their oh-so-wrong but oh-so-hot trysts. The growing muscle and power of one of those main protagonists, Mark. The comeuppance and humiliation of the big bad bully, Ryan. It's all still there, just as sensual and arousing as the first time I read it.

Rowan's creativity and imagination, already well-respected in the muscle-growth scene, are continuing to evolve and this story is a fine reflection of that talent. It's one of the best short-stories I've read in a very long time.

--Simon Howarth

This is a short, sweet (yes, sweet) refreshingly different enjoyable read! Rowan McBride has written a very imaginative story that's left this reviewer wanting more! Do not miss out on reading this hot little book!

--Woodland Nymph
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Author's Ramblings:

Just Wait let me get back to my muscle growth roots. Not only that, I got to throw a bit of theft in there too, which is the darker side of the genre. It's a strange thing--you know that what Mark and Travis Drayner are doing is wrong, but you can't help but cheer them on. You can't help but like them.

Although once identical, by the time these two men get to college, no one would know they were twins. Outwardly they're very different, from their appearances to their basic personality. But they're still close, their spirits still mirror each other, and I think that's the strength of this story.

That, and the references to forbidden fruit. Those were fun.

-- Rowan McBride

This story is out of print for now.

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