Feed the… Fun?

The day I left for college, my mom was sitting next to me in the airport. My dad would have been there too, but he was still in the military and ended up not being able to come. Mom was all teary eyed because I’m the first born and I’m told the first to go away is usually the most traumatic for the moms while the last to go is the most traumatic for the dads.

So we’re sitting there, and she starts telling me she knows I’m going to have a lot of fun in school. I naturally think this is a trap, so I calmly answer that I don’t intend to have much fun—that I of course intended to be very serious about my studies.

This turned out to be the wrong answer because she said, “It’s only natural for people your age to go to school and have lots of fun.”

“Seriously, you don’t have to worry about me,” I told her, focusing on an empty chair in front of us. “I got this, and I’m gonna get into a good law school.”

“No no. I WANT you to have fun.”

Finally, I turn my head. “Say what?”

“It’s healthy for you.”


“I just want you to… to be safe.”

I blink. “Well, uh. If I get a chance to try this snowboarding thing I promise I’ll wear a helmet, pads, the whole bit.” (At the time I was moving from Hawaii to Iowa.)

“No no no.” Her voice drops. “I want you to make sure you have,” to a whisper, “protection. Always.”

Isn’t that what I’d just assured her? How many times did I have to…

Then it dawns on me, and I bolt upright in my chair and say loud enough to carry through half the airport, “OH. When you say fun you’re talking sex.”

At which point I literally get a fist slammed into the top of my head.

But since then, every time a grownup says “fun” the dirty little voice in my head says “sex,” and that’s why for now we’re renaming the Feed the Fetish feature on this blog to Feed the Fun. It’s still not the greatest title, so the contest is still on. Keep playing, and if I choose your title I’ll send you a prize. 🙂

With that, in honor of some of the stories I’ve been tinkering around with lately, this week’s Feed the Fun is not quite human (or more than, depending on your perspective) guys:

Bleach – Grimmjow by ~Linnou on deviantART

He’s from an anime called Bleach. He’s got rage issues. And I’d totally be willing to have fun with him he if were real. Okay, probably not since since I value my life. But you never know.


water spirit – color by =pandabaka on deviantART

There really isn’t enough water spirit art out there.


Commission: Deathly Raven by =mazjojo on deviantART

Love the ears, love the scythe, love the fact that he looks like he’s about to have some fun kicking ass.


Razvan in the city by *Dark-Razvan on deviantART

This for me captures what draws me to urban fantasy.


Nightcrawler’s Sanctuary by ~themovieguru42 on deviantART

He’s fun in any incarnation. 🙂

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