Yeah, it looks like I’m going. XD

I’m even thinking of picking a day and playing Where’s Rowan, so if you’re going to be in San Francisco on Halloween weekend, maybe we’ll have some fun.

You can learn more about the convention at http://yaoicon.com/.

6 Responses to “Yaoi-Con”

  1. Chris says:

    Cool! See you there. 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    Just so you know that yaoicon link doesn’t work, for me anyways.
    Wish I could go.

  3. @Chris – Rock on. 🙂

    @Brian – It’s not working for me, either. I googled it and tried to click that way to see if I had the addy wrong, but that link brought me to the same place, so it might be a temporary site glitch.

  4. judi(togainunochi) says:

    Can’t go, too far. Wish you were going to Otakon

  5. SWEEEETTTT Im going too!!! I dont know what you look like so I hope you play “Find Rowan”. I’ll bring my copy of chasing winter if I run into you would you please, pretty please sign it?

  6. @judi – Where is Otakon?

    @warrioritagaki – Sure. 🙂

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