Michael Finally Grows Up – Chapter 8

Chapter eight of Michael Finally Grows Up is done and posted. I wish I had something clever and insightful to say as to why I up and decided to write more of this story after, oh, a year and two months, but the truth is I was feeling it and so I jumped in. XD

Avery’s voice is always a lot of fun to write for me. I hope you enjoy getting reacquainted with him:


3 Responses to “Michael Finally Grows Up – Chapter 8”

  1. Brian says:

    Oooh Rowan you are so evil. The latest chapter of Michael finally grows up was just enough to get me pulled in and then all too soon it’s over! As always you do really interesting things with the dynamics of power in relationships. Michael and Avery are an interesting couple I hope we get see them work thru all the changes brought about from Michael’s changes.
    Can’t wait for more, of this and your other writing. I need another of your great novels to really sink my teeth into.

  2. whatchamini says:

    Thanks so much for this latest chapter! Michael Finally Grows Up is my favorite of your ‘ongoing’ stories, and I really really hope you will continue to write it! As always you are a master of words, and I stand in awe of your talent. 🙂

  3. K says:

    Yippee! I only discovered this last week, so great timing 🙂

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