Yaoi-Con musings

This Halloween weekend I’ll be in San Francisco for Yaoi-Con. Gotta say, looking forward to it. Fate has set it up so that I get to meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen since college. I also have plans to meet a lot of new friends face-to-face for the first time. Plus there’s an impressive list of people I plan to outright stalk. Conventions rock.

And, yes, I do plan to play Where’s Rowan? while I’m there. The rules will be similar to last year when we played at DragonCon. Yaoi-Con’s a lot smaller so I won’t be posting every move I make on twitter, but I’ll tweet the highlights because I have a lot of prizes to give away and this is the…what?…third or fourth year we’ve played and no one’s ever found Rowan. I have high hopes that the streak will be broken this year. With my luck it will be while I’m letting someone else try on the hat.

What prizes have I got this time around? I’ll list the details in a later post, but good ones. Plus author and friend Katrina Strauss is sending me some swag and how cool is that?

So, any of you guys going to the con? What events are you looking forward to?

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  1. Chris says:

    I’ll be there! Um, I’m mostly going to be wandering around visiting with blog friends. 🙂

  2. Clare London says:

    Hi Rowan! (Chris nudged me over here LOL)

    I’ll be there from Fri-Mon. I’ve been going for 7 years now, meeting a wonderful group of friends I’ve known since anime fandom days. And now I get to meet a lot of new ones from the world of publishing :). I spend most of my weekend talking too much, fighting jetlag, and stalking the panel rooms with a list of all the people I’m trying to find to meet and squee over. There’s never enough time!

    We may not do all the events – though we always rate the AMV contest – and I’ll also be lurking in and out of the Dealers’ Room. Also, I’m running a panel on Sat with my fellow DSP author Felicitas Ivey on ‘turning pro with your writing’. Very informal fun, but I hope it’s useful to some people. And I’ll be at the DSP table in the Dealers’ Room for some of Sat, I expect.

    Rest of the time, I usually hang about in the lobby. Jetlag means I keep odd hours all weekend! So please look out for me and say Hi, I’ll do the same for you. I can’t believe how easy it is to go 2 days and still miss meeting people, but I’ve done it.


  3. Hi Rowan,

    Katrina sent me. Just that should tell you I am trouble. 😉 I met with Katrina and Jessica Freely for Bishie-Con last year and we had a blast. This year I am headed to Yaoi-Con with my friend Librarian. We will be there Wed. evening through Monday morning. I would love to meet you and Clare (and all the other m/m authors and bloggers I love!) Let me know if you would like to exchange contact info.

    Aurora Alexander

  4. kobbink says:

    Hi, Rowan! This is Librarian, and I can happily confirm that Aurora is indeed trouble. Looking forward to meeting our m/m author favorites, and to finding like minded souls to discuss the deliciously ageless bishiness of X Japan. (We are recent converts, having decided to attend the Chicago concert to help us get in the proper mindset for Yaoi Con) We definitely plan to bring shipping boxes to send home with books and mementos, since it sounds like an awesome opportunity to justify buying new bookcases! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Librarian (aka LibraryJade)

  5. Brian says:

    Ooh I wish I could go
    When’s your next book coming out Rowan? For that matter what is your next book/books going to be?
    I’m hoping for Warm Rush 2 but will be happy with anything muscle growth you’ve made an addict out of me.

  6. @Chris: Sweet! This is my first Yaoi-Con, so I’ll be doing a lot of wandering, myself.

    @Clare London: Hi Clare! I’m looking forward to the friends aspect of it most. I’ll definitely be at the AMV contest so maybe we’ll see each other there, yeah?

    @Aurora Alexander & @Librarian: A little trouble is a good thing. 😉 I’d love to meet up. Email me at mcbride_rowan at yahoo dot com and we can set up some deets!

    @Brian: Working on a “Tale of the Novahn” right now, but I try not to announce what my next book is going to be because my writing style is all over the place and often what I think will be the next book turns out not to be the next book. >.< Did I really make an MG fan out of you? That’s so awesome!

  7. Are you going to be wearing your hat? Because I dont know how else Im going to know who Im looking for. In other news I really looking forward to your next book whatever it is.

  8. @WarriorItagki: Yeppers. Whenever it’s “game on” I shall be wearing the goofy hat. XD

  9. I’m looking forward to smothering you with my OVA! ^_^

  10. @The Yaoi Review: You are a mysterious and frightening person, my friend, and I’m honored that you read my blog. Also, thanks again for letting me shack up with you for a few days after Yaoi-Con. 😉

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