Where’s Rowan? (Yaoi-Con 2010 edition)

Katrina Strauss was way generous and sent me a bunch of stuff to give away along with mine, so I figured now was as good a time as any to post the rules of this year’s “Where’s Rowan” game. But first, the glorious hat that is the key to victory and–dare I say it–seventh level happiness. I speak, of course, of the Urahara/chibi-Gaara impossible to match with anything baseball cap:

Oh yes, it’s spiffy. It even has quite the extensive backstory in that it was made during a phase where for some reason people were sending me plushies left and right, chibi-Gaara got the traditional bucket hat, drama ensued, and eventually there was even a photo taken with Gaara wearing THIS hat. It’s convoluted and only really makes sense in my mind, but the bottom line is that this hat possesses magical powers and can win you prizes. These prizes, in fact:


I tried to make sure I put one of each in there, but I’ve got a *lot* of prints in varying sizes. You may have noticed some sparkling Blue Ruin and Sleight of Hand love mixed in there– those are what Katrina sent. 😀

The CDs I’m giving out are “first chapter” CDs, in they contain the first chapter of all my currently published works, plus a copy of my short story “A Picture’s Worth.” I’m also giving away one trade paperback copy each of Lone, Warm Rush: Chasing Winter, and Want Me.

Nice, yeah?


  1. Finding the hat is pretty much it. Look for it at Yaoi-Con 2010 either on my head or attached to my messenger bag.
  2. Once you find the hat, walk up to the person with it and ask politely “Are you Rowan McBride?” If they say no, keep walkin’ because it means my idea wasn’t as original as I thought and someone else painted their own Urahara baseball cap. If it *is* me, then I’ll probably flash a big goofy grin and you’ll win one of the fabulous prizes listed above.
  3. I’ll be posting many of my locations in real time via twitter, so keep an eye on that page for an advantage.
  4. Contest begins when I yell “Game On!” on this blog, my website, twitter, and on my newsletter Friday, October 29th 2010 and ends Halloween day.
  5. Have fun!

5 Responses to “Where’s Rowan? (Yaoi-Con 2010 edition)”

  1. Chris says:

    I think you’re pretty safe with the hat’s uniqueness. 🙂

  2. judi(togainunochi) says:

    Say, what about those that can’t go to YaoiCon. We are left out in the cold “sniff”

  3. @Chris: XD

    @judi: Well I do tend to play this game around once a year, so maybe next year I’ll be in your area. Barring that, I give stuff away for all kinds of random reasons, so keep a look out, yeah?

  4. Nowaki says:

    go to anime expo next year!

  5. @Nowaki – I have friends who will murder me in my sleep if I don’t make it to DragonCon next year. lol.

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