Thanksgiving M/M Chat

Literary Nymphs is giving one of its mega M/M themed chats Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve been both participant and lurker in these events and either way they’re hella fun. This time around I’ll be participating, meaning that if you didn’t get to play “Where’s Rowan” in San Francisco over Halloween weekend, this’ll be a chance to win some prizes.

Remember, it’s a high traffic group, so it’s probably best to click the “web only” option when signing up. I’m posting the official promo for the chat below, which will include all the details. If you do drop by and happen to see me, give me a wave, yeah?


Well, it’s that time of year again and Literary Nymphs is hosting their HUGE
Thanksgiving Day weekend M/M only chat and this year, we have a list of
attendees that will knock your socks off (be sure to put them back on cuz
it’s cold outside!!!)!! So far, we have the following authors either
attending or tentatively scheduled to attend: Jessica Freely, Jaye
Valentine, Lynn Lorenz, Kimberly Gardner, Syd McGinley, Amanda Young, K.Z.
Snow, Jessica Freely, Josh Lanyon, Sloan Parker, Rowan McBride, KC
Kendricks, Lee Rowan, Stephanie Vaughan, Ally Blue (tentative), Kate Steele,
Jet Mykles, Lee Benoit, KC Burn, Michael Barnette, Shayla Kersten, EM
Lynley, Jenny Urban, Elizabeth Silver, Missy Welsh, Angel Martinez,
Christiane France, Ariel Tachna, Rowena Sudbury, Tinnean, Tedy Ward and
Margaret Mills, Andrew Gray, Clare London, Jan Irving, Chrissy Munder, Lori
Toland, Sarah Black, Amy Lane, Blak Rayne, Carolina Valdez, Berengaria
Brown, Marilu Mann, Alan Chin, VJ Summers, Pat Brown, Alix Bekins, Z.A.
Maxfield, Andrea Speed, Amber Green, John Simpson, Lex Valentine, Andi
Anderson, Amber Kell, Charlie Cochrane, J. Hali Steele, Brenna Lyons, Jenna
Hilary Sinclair, Marianne Guenon, Christie Gordon and the responses keep
rolling in so don’t miss it!

When? November 26, 27, 28 (Friday 9:00 am Eastern Time Saturday, and Sunday)


Why? This just might be our biggest chat ever so it should be very much fun!

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