Check out what happens…

… when you Google muscle theft:

Yeah, baby! This blog takes the top two spots in the results. How cool is that?

No idea how long it’ll last. I only found out because a friend happened to be searching for muscle theft stories, but I’m glad he dropped me a line to let me know in time to screencap it. 😀

Incidentally, the fifth result on that list is a portal to the O’Zone, and O’s site is a good one for growth, theft, and a long list of other interesting genres. It’s also how I ended up on The Evolution Forum, which is the first place I ever read muscle theft fiction I liked. So without O, I probably wouldn’t have any theft stories.

Life’s quite the tapestry sometimes.

Or maybe my brain’s short circuiting because I’ve been up for two days.

Closing out this rambling now.


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