Yaoi-Con 2011 Write-Up (Part 1 of 3)

Bad Decisions, Good Friends, and Gold Label Tequila

Ahhh. Back from Yaoi-Con. So much to report and I don’t want to make the same mistake I did last year (posting my 2010 pics the week before leaving for the 2011 con) so I’m breaking my convention post into three manageable parts.

Part one starts with day one which was filled with liquor. So. Much. Liquor. I arrived on Thursday and had a tall B-52 with T.C. Blue. We had dinner—for me it was oysters and a martini. There may have been fries involved. T.C. gave me some wicked business cards:

The tat is my favorite part

It sorta gets fuzzy after that. I’m a bit of a weird lush in that I’ll get drunk off a bottle of beer but I can do several shots and still be fairly steady, so when I’m in public I tend to just do hard liquor. This was probably not the best decision, but I do remember being happy and friendly. I got to meet Clare London, Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes, and a circle of other authors that first night. Hopefully they remember me being happy and friendly as well. I traded cards with Mary:

Mary Calmes 2Mary Calmes 1

She’s a Samurai Champloo fan which gives her instant cool cred.

No hangover Friday. I’m told that’s a miracle, but I’ve never had one so I have no comparison. Although to be safe, I didn’t have any more alcohol till my last night in San Francisco. It was absinthe. XD

Back to Friday—registered for the con without mishap. Saturday I got to have dinner with some cool comic book kids:

Hot Synthetic Lovin

Category3 Circle

Alex is a friend I met last year. He is the man of a thousand cards and if you’re not reading his web comic Artifice, why aren’t you? It’s freaking made of awesome.

Met the Category3 Circle for the first time this year. Their comics are brand new-to-me and I bought their Close to you anthology (which includes the story Dentente) at the con. It’s much fun.

I also got to talk with About.com Manga blogger Deb Aoki. And after the convention I crashed on Jen LeBlanc’s floor. Jen LeBlanc is the editor of Viz’s new Boys’ Love imprint SuBLime Manga. SuBLime’s first titles are coming out in December and they are sweet.

Perks of the floor? I got to molest piles of manga. And I got to visit Viz Media. AKA heaven.

So that’s Part One of my convention report. Loved collecting everyone’s cards and loved sharing them here. Had a blast chatting up old friends and meeting new ones. I got a bunch of them to take the seme/uke test at http://semeuke.com and one of them came up “Chibi Seme” which I had never heard of before. I’m an “Opportunistic Seme” in case you were wondering and never saw that bit of info back in the day on my MySpace page. And yeah. Pretty much as bad as it sounds. 😉

This is just off the top of my head. Did not even come close to listing everyone I ran into. This is why if you see me you need to give me your card. Not only do I adore collecting them, but I tend to choke during the write-ups. XD

Part two: Stuff
Part three: Cosplay

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  1. TCBlue says:

    Heh-heh. I got you drunk. *hee* So besically, I did my job really, really well. 😛

    Though I have to say that drunk at a con? ALWAYS a good choice! At least you know no one will take embarrassing pictures and post them all over tha Intarwebz. *snerk*


  2. @Tis – Riiiight. No pictures…

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