One Good Year

The sequel to One Good Hand is up and live. 🙂

You can purchase the second edition of One Good Year in your preferred format via this nifty link: .

Katrina Strauss once told me that sequels were tricky. No matter the story you write, roughly half the readers who loved the first book will not approve of your choices for the second. Given the reviews for the first edition of this novella, I think that might be true.

But I absolutely adore OGY. I genuinely hope that you like it, too.

In the past six weeks my father has gone to seven funerals. I treasure each and every one of you, so be safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated.

8 Responses to “One Good Year”

  1. Maxwell Rivera says:

    That’s amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands in a copy. I loved your stories and I’m excited to see you back out there.

    Quick question- and you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to- do you have any plans to finish Davey’s Destiny and your other serials in the far future? I absolutely get it if you don’t- writer to writer I’ve left many stories unfinished for boatloads of reasons, especially after this last year.

    • Rowan McBride says:

      Hi! Thank you!

      I do plan to finish Davey’s Destiny — mainly because I wrote the ending and the epilogue ages ago and it’s always fun to figure out the “in-between.”

      Definitely going to finish Jascian, then combine all the chapters and release it as a free ebook.

      Jonah’s Giant and Michael Finally grows up are the other top priorities on my list of free stories, BUT I never start a story without intending to finish, so if you have other stories you like, there is always hope. ✌🏼

      What have you written? Anything I might have read?

      • Maxwell Rivera says:

        I haven’t published anything official yet- I did have a good run on Wattpad for several years writing what I can now see was very bad gay anime fanfiction hahaha.

        But I’m hoping to get published one day a barafied version of classic Grimm Fairy Tales.

    • Bo Reddington says:

      +1 for Davey’s Destiny. I found it a few years ago and revisited it this week. I loved how their relationship mostly survives despite the power shift, and was interested in seeing how it would unfold with the shift complete. Without a proper ending though, I will always consider the April Fool’s chapter to be the real ending 🙂

  2. WillWriteInSecret says:

    I liked the first half because I always wondered what other half of the pint felt. But after that i just felt like character development was a bit sloppy. Of course its about preferences and art is not a democracy. And no matter what im happy i read this. By the way, can you possibly continue a story that you left open many years ago. I found you with that story series in coield fist and read all your novels and stories after that. i wish it at least ended, it doesn’t matter if its a bad ending or a left open for speculation ending. It always makes me uneasy to think how it was going to continue. The story series is called “jonah’s giant”. I hope you’ll reply one day and have a good day sir

    • WillWriteInSecret says:

      Oh i saw your answer about jonah’s giant, thank you then. One of us must know is great too by the way. I hope they’ll be finished someday down the line. I love your books and i hope you a good day sir

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