Guest post from Katrina Strauss – Plus a Giveaway!

Hey all. My good friend Katrina Strauss has just released a new story (Which I’ve read! It was much fun!), and I was very happy to invite her to my blog for my very first guest post. Even happier that she accepted.

So without further ado, here she is!


Body LanguageMany thanks to Rowan for inviting me to hang out today! I’m here to dish the dirt on my latest M/M release, Body Language. While I’m at it, I’m giving away one digital copy to one lucky blog visitor. But more on the giveaway in a bit.

My naughty new novelette was inspired by two sources. The first was a website a friend referred me to a few years ago called Guys with iPhones. (If you Google it, do so at your own NSFW risk!) Basically, it’s a site where dudes submit selfies, some quite daring ones at that. I found myself asking “What prompts a man to do this?” That question was followed by the rather authorly thought of “There’s a story here.”

Around the same time I discovered the first site, I was frequenting a BDSM dating site. (Let’s say I was doing “research” and leave it at that.) I discovered a subculture of men who sit around the house naked all day, waiting to perform on cam at a moment’s notice. I was fascinated, although not for the reasons you might think! Honestly, I found it interesting from a sociological perspective, leaving me to wonder what these guys did before the advent of the Internet and webcams. Once again, I found myself asking “What prompts a man to do this?” Once again, it was followed by the resounding thought of “There’s a story here.”

And so I sat down to write that story. And Body Language was born. Here’s a quick excerpt, followed by how to go about winning a copy for your reading pleasure:





The very idea that so many hot, horny men would willingly photograph themselves and then post it on the Body Language site stirred a strange sense of arousal in Seth. He studied one rather creative image of a tattooed goth boy who’d contorted himself on a bathroom rug to photograph his ass. The duck-print shower curtain or dusty base of the toilet in the background might have been turnoffs, but they only added to the desperate, horny tone of the moment. Seth felt his cock go completely hard.

He tugged down his sweats, revealing the solid-black star inked between his left hip and groin, his one and only piece of body art. Wasting no time, he gripped his cock and squeezed. A drop of precum slicked his thumb, indicating he was already pretty worked up. Sliding his hand up and down, he stared at the hard, lean body on the laptop screen. With what mental focus he had left, he realized the source of his arousal lay not in what he wanted to do to the guy in the picture, but that he wanted to be the guy. He wanted to be the one on the bathroom floor, his bare ass up in the air with cheeks spread wide. Seth wanted another man to look at him the same way he was looking at the goth boy.

Yeah, that’s right—down on the dirty floor, doing dirty things. Maybe get my hole tongued before I get pounded doggy style. Seth groaned and pumped his hand faster. The process usually went easier with lube, but sometimes the occasion called for a dry one, and this was one such moment. As he neared climax, a naughty thought flashed through his mind.

What if I uploaded my own picture?



Okay, I’m done teasing. If you’d like more, Body Language is available on Amazon at:

Or Smashwords at:


To win a copy, simply leave a comment along with your e-mail address (example: katrina.strauss AT gmail DOT com) and your preferred digital format. If you’d like, tell me what you think motivates someone to post their family jewels online for all to see. Or tell me why you’d like to read my story. Or tell me to have a nice day. Just be sure to comment, along with your e-mail addy, before 11:59pm CST Monday, November 4th, and I’ll send the winner a copy of Body Language ASAP!

Note from Rowan: While this blog crossposts to other sites, entries for the giveaway are only valid if they’re posted in the comment section of the main blog – Thanks for entering and good luck!

16 Responses to “Guest post from Katrina Strauss – Plus a Giveaway!”

  1. Ali says:

    I can’t imagine why someone would post themselves nude but I’m glad they do;)

  2. Katrina Strauss says:

    Ali and Onyx ~ I’m certainly not complaining, either! But I cannot help but wonder (as I am admiring) what inspires this sort of thing? For research purposes, always and of course…

  3. Dianna says:

    Please put my name into the hat as well.


    (Epub format)

  4. Rain says:

    There must be different kinds of reasons to nude pics online. I suppose the idea isn’t very strange to those who have “grown up” online, at least compared to the generations who grew up while personal computers and/or the Internet were just being introduced.


  5. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that, but I can think of a couple of people who I would not at all mind seeing that way… (*naughty thoughts naughty thoughts*)

    I can’t imagine any circumstance where I would be willing to do that myself. I’m sure there’s a reason — maybe it satisfies some “nobody loved me when I was a kid” thing. Or maybe it’s a form of Narcissism.

    (epub) tracykitn AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Tracy ~ My two lead characters are Millenials, and I touch on how online dating (and cybersex) are just a normal part of their lives, blending into their real lives more than it might for us old fogies who draw sharper lines between the two. (As we discuss this over the Internet… LOL)

  7. Rain ~ My above comment to Tracy was also meant to include you. I can’t keep up with this fast-paced technology. 😉

  8. Val says:

    It’s something I wouldn’t do, but I can see how some people may like it. Everyone has different tastes, kinks…… Thanks for the excerpt. Count me in.

  9. Brandi Roberts says:

    I might be dating myself some here, but when I was growing up it was “bad” to have any photos\videos on the Internet that bared any body parts, but society today is inundated with images both on commercial and private fronts that the stigma doesn’t seem to be there as much for the people growing up now because they’ve been bombarded with it for years and “everyone else is doing it”. It can be seen as yet another way to get a “date” for some and a safe environment for exhibitionism\voyeurism for others and yet still be a way to “act out” as it was seen to be in (omg I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m becoming my parents\grandparents) my day. That’s my opinion on some of the reasons behind the plethora of penis (insert body part here) pic postings available today.

    Congrats on your release!


    Scssugar (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • Katrina Strauss says:

      Brandi – I definitely played up the voyeur/exhibitionist aspect in my story. I will say I think there may be different motivations behind why someone my age (Gen Xer), someone my dad”s age (omg…) and then young adults partake. But all age groups are definitely represented on both sites that inspired Body Language. A sociology student might write a dissertation on it. Me, I just wrote a dirty story. 😉

  10. Jen says:

    I think I get why people would put themselves out there with photos – in an abstract sense. I can barely stand to look at clothed photos of myself, so I am definitely not one of those people.

    Thanks for the blog and the giveaway. mobi is my preferred format.

  11. Rowan McBride says:

    Thank you Katrina Strauss for coming to play on my blog! And thank you to everyone who commented. 😀

  12. Maria says:

    Well, I’m (way) too late for the give-away but I’m still glad I decided to check it out, since it seems to be right up my alley and I’ll definitely buy it next week! Looking forward to reading it! 🙂

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