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If you followed the link in my last post, you know I’ve lost my freaking mind on tumblr. There’s no organization to the stuff I post and that’s freeing for me, although I’m not sure how much fun it is for the people following me. It also somehow allows me to get a little more personal while simultaneously giving me more distance, which turns out is something I need.

This is my writing blog full of mostly writing things, and I’ve been mulling over its direction. Been considering topics like:

  • The mechanics of writing, which would cover how I, personally, approach the craft.
  • Stuff that keeps writers up at night. Not all writers, obviously. Many writers sleep very well. But I’d talk about things I’ve noticed with me and my particular group of friends.
  • Inspiration for certain stories/characters, what I think of them, etc. Sometimes I get the urge to share, but then I remember reading “DeathNote v13: How to Read DeathNote,” and there was some stuff in there that I wish to this day I could unread.

What do you guys think? Is there anything you’d like to see me blog about?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to hear about stuff that inspires you to write, especially music and books. Also, because I’m a rabid fan, I’d love to know what you’re working on and stuff like that. But I’d also like to hear about your methods, like how you manage to finish anything (because I never can). In the mean time, I’ll also be stalking your tumblr because it usually has something that will make me laugh my ass off!

  2. @Anon – lol. Sometimes I wonder how I ever get anything done, too. Books get finished when I amp up my Buckle Down Spirit! But mostly I’m starting things, sketching things out, starting new things–I have terrible focus and that’s something I have to work on.

    Because of the above I try not to give detailed descriptions anymore of what I’m writing at a given time. That road just leads to heartbreak. XD

    Glad my tumblr’s making someone besides me laugh. 😉

  3. kathleen says:

    I think I’d love anything you shared and I’ve only ever wished to unread a really bad story that I should’ve stopped at page 5 but just rammed thru

    but that’s never the case with your works!

    haha sorry i dun think that helped much, but for everyone that does post, there’s got to be like 100 people that don’t but are interested

  4. @kathleen – Haha. It did help. Thanks!

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