Surfing the Search Phrases

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, December 31, 2007.

My website has a feature that allows me to look up the search phrases people use to find me. Not surprisingly, the most common phrase by far is “rowan mcbride.” Over the past year, though, I’ve spotted some really interesting ones. Brand names for drugs and cars (I think that comes from the guestbook I had at the beginning of the year—it was since obliterated by a programming error when I was updating the site), other authors (I list some of my faves on my links and interests pages), as well as broad and random words like “December” or “bar” that always make me wonder how many pages the surfer read through before finding the link to my site in the search engine.

With the year coming to an end, I thought I’d share my favorites of 2007, in no particular order:

v rowan rowan rowan

· gotta love a surfer who’s that excited about my name.

v footsex stories

· Yeah…I’m not even sure what footsex is.

v want me rowan

· now, logically, I know this refers to the story I wrote titled Want Me, but my ego still saw it as a three word love letter.

v anime & muscle growth

· whoever typed this one is a person after my own heart

v gay male erotic short stories I can read now

· there’s a surfer who knows exactly what they want

v muscle yaoi links

· hey, if you wrote this and you found what you were looking for, drop me a line so I can see it too.

v rowan and the book shark

· I don’t know what a “book shark” is, but that does sound like a pretty cool title for a story, and I’m always strapped for those.

v erotic stories about card games

· and I just released an erotic story about a card game! Yes!

v hit me beat me arousal stories

· I’m thinking that’s Michael’s fault. Gaw. Avery’s gonna have to have a long talk with him soon.

v first chest hair

· again, that’s all Michael

v incredible muscle growth stories

· mmm, yeah. That’s a search phrase I’ve been meaning to try out myself.

v mcbride naked

· wow.

There it is. 2007’s been a great year to me, gifting me with new writing opportunities, new friends, and new forms of entertainment (search phrase fishing should be a bonafide game!). There have been some downs, for sure, but it’s hard to remember them as the final minutes tick away and you find yourself with friends and family.

So I wish you a fantastic First Night, and a Happy New Year. Have fun, be safe, and get kissed.

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