Feed the Fetish – Pervy Games

I have a weakness for hot, pervy games, and I can’t think of anyone who makes them better than Humbuged. Bright colors, gorgeous men, and a killer sense of humor all combine with raw sensuality to make his games addictive from second one.

Hum’s latest has a trailer on youtube, which I’m posting below. If you’d like to check out his games, then definitely visit his site at: http://www.humplex.com/.

2 Responses to “Feed the Fetish – Pervy Games”

  1. sharrow says:

    I had to laugh at his twitter about his new game idea… heh. The above game, I have week wrists I think.

  2. Haha. He really does crack me up.

    Do you use a mouse or a touchpad? I’ve found that some of the games are much easier with a touchpad. đŸ˜‰

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