Slight Revisions to the "Feed the Fetish" format

As much as I like the “Feed the Fetish” Friday features I’ve started out on this blog (really, really like them. Probably like them too much, to tell you the truth) I think I’m going to stop posting them every Friday. I’ve noticed that because I don’t update the blog with other topics that often, “Feed the Fetish” seems to dominate the page, and I’d like the overall feel of the “Rowan’s Ramblings” to contain more of me, well, rambling.

So the new plan is to continue “Feed the Fetish,” but to only post on the first Friday of every month (just to add even more alliteration into the mix) and work harder to update more often with news and thoughts on my writing life.

What do you think?

One Response to “Slight Revisions to the "Feed the Fetish" format”

  1. YAY I miss your much ado about nothings. My life is so dull now I look forward to my favorite authors blogging.

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