Feed the Fetish — Werewolves

My novel Lone releases this weekend, and I figured we could dedicate this month’s Feed the Fetish to werewolves. Because, ya know, they’re wicked cool. And savage. Wild. Hot…


Two pictures and a vid below. 🙂


Werewolf + Muscle = Win!

now a werewolf by ~madatom13 on deviantART


Okay, technically he might not actually be a *werewolf* because I’ve never seen him shift, but he *is* a wolf demon who leads a wolf pack that consists of other wolf demons and actual wolves. That’s close enough, right? Oh, to hell with it. With abs like that, Kouga makes the list.

Kouga by ~atechnogoddess on deviantART


The wolves in this video are nothing like the wolves in my novel. But it’s Rammstein. They rock and they rock hard.

4 Responses to “Feed the Fetish — Werewolves”

  1. OnyxFaith says:

    You totally made *my* day! I mean… come on… you *know* how much I love werewolves anyway… Then to top it off with that video? Yea… definite win. *Pant* Damn.

  2. sagewhistler says:

    I like Kouga *pets*. I can’t wait to read ‘Lone’. I’m working on a werewulf novel right now myself. It will be nice to see how others do it. Did you notice your last three covers are heavy on the blue? It’s my fav color! 😀

  3. @OnyxFaith – It *is* a great vid, isn’t it? 😉

    @sagewhistler – Actually, I didn’t notice before but I’m sure noticing now! Blue is my favorite color too, but I didn’t plan for my covers to turn out that way. Just sorta happened. lol.

  4. sharrow says:

    He has abs that just don’t quit! heh.

    Congrats on the release!

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