Workshop Reminder!

“ENOUGH TO MAKE A GROWN MAN CRY. Characterization, Motivation, and POV in M/M fiction.” (A Romance Divas NGTCC online workshop)

July 14th to July 18th

Josh Lanyon kicks things off the 14th with Rowan McBride, Jet Mykles, and Shayla Kersten.


Registration and Workshops are free.

Workshop will be located in the “Steamy Section” of the forum, so once you register, contact admin and let them know you’re 18 or over (or go to


workshop image


workshop image

2 Responses to “Workshop Reminder!”

  1. This looks fun might go to that. Even though my friend is more of a writer.

    Hey Rowan I checked on loose id and I dont see your book on their coming soon list. I know you probably dont know an exact date but do you have an idea when they are releasing it?

  2. @WarriorItagaki — I don’t have a firm release date as of yet, but I think the story is tentatively slated for October. 🙂

    Hope to see you at the workshop!

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