Feed the Fetish – Megane

I must admit, I do have a thing for guys with glasses. I associate the look with intelligence, even though there’s no actual correlation between the two (I should know—I wear glasses and there are days I’m as dumb as a brick). At any rate, smart is sexy.

And let’s not forget the anime/manga factor. There, if you have a bishie wearing glasses, chances are he’s pure sadistic seme when he takes them off, and I live for that moment. In western pop culture, the nearest thing I can liken it to is the Superman/Clark Kent example. Everyone knows that Clark is a mild mannered reporter, but a crime-fighting ass-kicking reporter-macking super hero when he takes his glasses off.

So, without further ado, here are a few hot guys with glasses:

Innocent Bird Cover

Karasu remains a good guy (more or less) whether he’s wearing his glasses or not. When he takes them off he sprouts wings and kicks ass, so hawt.


Haruhiko – Is Frikking Here by ~TheRedLightning on deviantART

I don’t think I’ve seen Haruhiko from Junjo Romantica take off his glasses yet, but I have a feeling that the day he does is going to be a good day.


CHARLEY by *Ecthelian on deviantART

Charley, from Vassalord. Vampire. Cyborg. Works for the Vatican. The glasses are just icing, really. 🙂


Kyoya by *poisondanny on deviantART

Mmm. Kyouya. Shadow king from the Ouran High School Host Club. He’s definitely a sadistic seme when the glasses come off. 🙂

4 Responses to “Feed the Fetish – Megane”

  1. I love me a boy in glasses, real or 2D.

    And yes, let’s hear it for Super!Seme with a big S (for Seme, not Super) across his chest! LOL

  2. Sarah says:

    nom. What is it about glasses???

  3. Brady says:

    I wear glasses =D

  4. @ Katrina – LOL. That’s a good way to put it!

    @ Sarah – I don’t know, but it always does me in. 🙂

    @ Brady – Good to know!

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