Excerpts, Awards, and Opinions

One Shot

I have an excerpt up for One Shot! You can check it out, along with the blurb and other good stuff, on the story’s page on my site: http://rowanmcbride.com/stories/oneshot/. Let me know what you think. 🙂


Lone has a page now for the Recommended Read stickers it has received since its release, as well as the various screencaps I couldn’t resist taking because I’m a digital packrat and {sigh} a geek (although, on a totally unrelated note, my geek card has been taken away, upgraded, taken away, and upgraded again several times over the past week, lol). Check out the brand spankin’ new awards page at http://rowanmcbride.com/stories/lone/lone_awards.html.

Thank you to everyone who’s read Lone. It’s had an amazing response and it was a pleasure building an awards page for it.

Want Me

I’m holding a poll on my Yahoo!Group (the platform I use for my newsletter) regarding Want Me. You have to sign up for the mailing list to vote, but it’s a very low traffic list (news only, my record being five updates in one month) and you can always set your preferences to “no mail.” Whatever option you decide, I’d appreciate your input. The link to my newsletter is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rowan_mcbride and the direct link to the poll is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rowan_mcbride/polls.

I think that’s it! I had a fab time at Dragon*Con. I’m planning on posting a more detailed update regarding the convention (plus pics!) on this blog in the next few days. W00t!

3 Responses to “Excerpts, Awards, and Opinions”

  1. Dammit Rowan thats not a long enough excerpt! Geeze if Im lucky this book will be out next Monday. That way I get your book you get my money and everybodys HAPPY! Im glad you had a great time at Dragoncon. Im going to yaoicon next month. You’ve ever been to Yaoicon before?

  2. I’ve never been. I *really* wanted to go this year but in the end couldn’t afford it. Shame, since Yayoi Neko’s going to be there and she’s one of my favorite artists.

  3. You can room with me when you come one year! :3 Yayoi Nekos neat but shes rather introverted.

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