Searching the Search Phrases ’09

This is the third year I’ve listed my favorite search phrases to hit There were lots of searches for “Rowan McBride.” There were a lot of single word searches like “january” and “book” and (I kid you not) “is” that had me wondering how many pages the surfer had to go through just to get to me, and whether they were happy when they got there. For the first time I saw phrases like “Rowan McBride torrent” pop up which was deeply depressing for me.

But, as with the previous years, there were some that were hella funny. Here are a few of my faves, in no particular order:

  • forbidden fruit rowan mcbride
    Made the list because it tied so well into my previous blog posts.
  • blue curacao sickeningly sweet
    Avery would definitely agree.
  • goodhand abrasive
    Nooo. Good hands are NOT abrasive. I’m not opposed, however, to good hands being a little rough now and then. 😉
  • rowan flow i’ve never seen muscle growth
    This was an interesting one because it felt like a note direct to me, and that I was supposed to decipher it. So far all I’ve got is Flow is currently being reworked for possible publication, and that if you’ve never seen muscle growth you’ve certainly come to the right place for it if you’ve hit my site. 🙂
  • polite please thank you into his ass
    That…is most likely the best way to go about it.
  • why do i like muscle growth stories
    You would not believe how often I’m asked that very question.
  • on the one hand dolphins are good
    What’s on the other hand? O.O
  • my tongue played with his
    His what? Tease. I want to know! Unless it’s the previous person’s dolphin.

And my favorite search term to hit my site in 2009:

  • toaster said i want you inside of me
    I think it has something to do with the sandwich place commercial that was out a while back, but I don’t care. I can’t figure out how it resulted in a hit on my site and it cracked me up bad.

That’s this year’s list. Wow, 2009 has been a year of incredible ups and downs, hasn’t it? I wish everyone peace, joy, and love in 2010 (I’m having a bit of a hippie moment here).

Have a Happy New Year!

— Rowan

3 Responses to “Searching the Search Phrases ’09”

  1. Okay. I’m so ignorant. Why would “Rowan McBride torrent” depress you?
    Some of the search lists for my site are pretty hilarious. I get lots and lots of “Free Ebook” search. Funny. I actually feel a sense of victory when someone actually searches for “Jennifer Leeland” LOL.

  2. @Jennifer Leeland – If they’re typing “torrent” they’re looking for a place to download my books illegally. 🙁

    I love it when they search for my name, too! It’s such a weird feeling to realize someone out there’s actively looking to learn more about me or my stories. lol.

  3. Rowan,

    I LOVE this post — the search terms are great, but your responses are what really cracked me up. “That…is most likely the best way to go about it.” – so true. Thank you for the LOLs! 😀

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