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If my head weren’t screwed to my body

Friday, August 21st, 2015

…I’d have lost it back in 3rd grade, latest. >.< Okay, so here's the deal: The M/M Romance Group on goodreads is celebrating its 6th Anniversary right now. Today (Friday, August 21st) is actually the 7th day of the party, and I... uh... sorta... {clears throat} I TOTALLY FORGOT I DONATED A PRIZE. Fortunately, my prize hasn't been claimed yet (I know, I know. Shocker, right?), which means you can still win it, and it's a pretty good one, if I do say so, myself. 😉 I'm giving away one chapter from a story on my Serials page ( The chapter will be written within 60 days after the prize won, and it will be dedicated to the winner. You can choose to update any story on the Serials page. Yes, that includes Jascian. Yes, that even includes Davey. Giving away this kind of prize is a big deal for me. I never sell stories on proposal (they're always complete when I submit), I never take commissions, and I'm infamous for ignoring reader pleas. Plus, the last time anything on the Serials page was updated was November 1st, 2014, because that's how terrible I am. XD There's a bunch of ways to win, but the first step is to go to the M/M Romance Group on goodreads at and join the group. Check out the prize vault ( in case a prize other than mine {gasp!} interests you. Go to and get your game on. If my prize isn't claimed {double gasp!} after the end of the GR celebration, then I promise to offer it up again in a separate drawing. Again, I'm really sorry to be so late about letting you know. Good Luck! -- Rowan McBride PS: Computer died.  Sending this from my phone, so please let me know if there are any formatting errors since I'll be writing that chapter from here and my tablet.

Workshops and new chapters.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

It’s currently 3am and I do believe the first day of the Romance Divas NGTCC “ENOUGH TO MAKE A GROWN MAN CRY. Characterization, Motivation, and POV in M/M fiction” workshop went very well. Josh Lanyon really kicked things off with a discussion on Point of View, I got to share some thoughts on storyboarding, Shayla Kersten shared excellent insights on GMC (Goal, Motivation, Conflict), and Jet Mykles gave great advice on how to flesh out a character.

Lots to build on for the coming week, and I’m excited to see where it goes. If you’d like check it out, it’s all online and free at If you haven’t registered already, please see the previous blog post on how to go about getting access to the steamy section.


Been tinkering with my website. Trying to make the Serials section more reader friendly, so I’ve posted Kismeta parts 1 & 2 directly on the site (no more having to click over/register at Evolution Forum to read it) and am considering doing something similar with my other online floaters. For now, the other serials have been labeled to clearly mark where they’re posted *before* you click, and I switched the links of Jonah’s Giant over to Coiled Fist because CF doesn’t require registration to read stories.

I’ve also posted chapter 7 of Michael Finally Grows Up. As always, you can catch that one directly on my site. 🙂