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Dragon*Con summary

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I’m way late with this, but it turns out I took well over three hundred pictures at D*Con and it took a lot longer than expected to sort and resize them. 🙂

The convention was a blast. Met a lot of interesting people, attended some wicked events (Rave? Me? Nooo), and saw a lot of truly amazing cosplayers. The high points for me were The Mad Scientists’ Ball, the AMV showing, and the Exploring the Final Taboo writing panel. At the panel I got to meet a lot of authors I respect for the first time in real life, including Kayelle Allen, Kiernan Kelly, and Ally Blue. I also got to meet new-to-me authors Fiona Zedde and Sascha Illyvich.

I’d never had the opportunity to attend a writing panel before, so I was sitting in the audience, avidly taking notes as well as txting Katrina Strauss (who couldn’t attend this year) bits and pieces of the subjects covered. I was surprised as hell when Kayelle Allen spotted me and announced me to the room as “the best M/M writer in the world.” I’m sure the expression on my face was very deer caught in the headlights as I walked to the front of the room and told the audience a little bit about my stuff. A friend of mine told me I sounded calm and collected, but that’s what friends do so I’m unsure.

My favorite moment of the entire convention happened at that panel. When I stood up, Kiernan Kelly pointed to me and yelled “I’ve been looking for that damned hat all weekend!”

I still smile when I think about it.

Aside from that moment, no one spotted the Where’s Rowan hat. I did get to give away most of the prizes, though, so that was a lot of fun.

The entire weekend still feels like one long day, and as such is a bit blurry. The sweet-tea peach vodka I tried for the first time had nothing to do with that at all, I’m sure—oh my god I LOVE Georgia!—but luckily I took tons of pictures. Sharing a few below:




Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan


A bishounen in leather



The Question

The Question


Mmm, Spartans



Doctor Who

Doctor Who




Cool, yeah? Those were just some of my favorites. If you’d like to view the public gallery I’ve created for more of them, click over to my flickr account. There, a lot of the images have captions. It’s currently 5am and I *just* finished that project, so it’ll be interesting to see if I’m as clever as I thought I was after I’ve gotten some sleep. lol.

Where’s Rowan? (Dragon*Con ’09 Edition)

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

It’s the return of the hat! Yeah!

Like it? Made it m’self—It’s based on Urahara’s bucket hat, and the first place I ever wore it for this game was an anime convention called Katsucon.

Been a very, very long time since we’ve played Where’s Rowan. I think I was somewhat disheartened by the fact that no one ever found me, but really that’s no reason to stop playing, right? So at this year’s Dragon*Con (, it’s going to be be game on once again.

The rules are pretty much the same as that time. If you’ll be in the Atlanta area (specifically Dragon*Con, since it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be leaving the convention) over Labor Day weekend (September 4th – 7th, 2009), and you see someone wearing this hat—

—Then walk up to that person and ask, “Are you Rowan McBride?”

If it is me, I’ll flash you a big goofy grin and give you a prize. Now, the prizes are a little different this time around, so listing them below:

  • 8×10 print of my Boy Meets Bishie logo, designed by the fab Anne Cain.
  • Autographed copy of Want Me.
  • Your choice of any one of my ebooks that are currently available (to be delivered via email after I get home from the convention).
  • An update to the serial of your choice. (Apparently waiting for new installments is torture for some people. Who knew?) A list of most of the serials can be found here. However, if you want, you can also request Michael Finally Grows Up.

Last we played, that hat was on my head the ENTIRE TIME. This round, it’ll either be on my head, or hooked to the back of my laptop bag, so you’ll really need to keep an eye out. I know, the game actually sounds harder, but there is one big advantage.

I’ll be tweeting my locations in real time. My page is located at Follow me (easiest) or check in frequently at the page (effective, if you’re dedicated).

Got all that? Sounds like fun, yeah? I would really, really like to be found this year, so let’s the flash that hat one more time:

If you know people who dig my stories, tell them it’s game on. Let’s play!

Houseguests, anime, liquor, and…oh yeah. That writing thing I do.

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

One of my best friends is driving up on Monday and will be staying with me for two or three weeks, at which point I will be driving down with them to Florida and staying for roughly the same amount of time. Somewhere in there I’ll also be taking a side trip to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, where I fully intend to stalk Michael Biehn, who has the best death scenes ever. I assume the non-Dragon*Con days/nights (hell, probably a good percentage of those, too) will be filled with anime and liquor, because this is our way. We call it Drunken Anime Night, but it often spans a lot more than one night.

In the middle of this debauchery (hmm, is that the appropriate word? Yeah, let’s go with that), I’ll be receiving, working on, and returning the revisions for One Shot. It should be interesting since I’ve managed to bust up my wrist a bit, and I’m supposed to be going easy on the typing. You can see how well that’s working out. 🙂

At Dragon*Con, I’ll be breaking out the “Where’s Rowan?” hat, and it’ll be game on for hide-and-seek. Official rules will be posted later, but they’re similar to the previous set, which you can read here. One addition to the game is that I think I’ll be able to let everyone know my location in real time via my twitter account, so that should be fun.

Basically, the next six weeks or so will be the busiest I’ve had all year as I balance fun, work, and writing (which is a beautiful combination of both). Hopefully the Fates will be kind and gift me with more fun than work since I’d had it in my head to take a vacation in my last rambling. So Wish me luck! And caffeine!

Book Giveaway!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I just got my author copies (print) of “Lone” and I’ve decided to give one away this Saturday via my mailing list. To enter the drawing, just sign up at If you’re already a member of the list, no worries. You’re automatically entered. 😉

It’s Raining Men

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, February 9, 2009.

I’m ridiculously fond of this amv by StriderTol. It makes me laugh while at the same time totally feeding my pervy nature.

Searching the Search Phrases ’08

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, January 1, 2009.

This time last year I posted my favorite search phrases that managed to hit It was so much fun I thought I’d try and make it a tradition. So here are my faves of 2008 in no particular order:

  • Patrick Fillion
    Probably because I link to his site from my Links page. Man, if you don’t know who he is, visit his place now.

  • anime muscle growth
    This one also gave me hits last year. Again, if you know of some, let me know.

  • muscle growth werewolf
    I’m hoping to submit my werewolf novel by the stroke of midnight tonight, but no muscle growth this time around.

  • want me rowan mcbride
    Always good to know I’m loved.

  • toolbox
    Yeah, I got nothin’.

  • yaoi animated gifs
    Who doesn’t want more of those?

gravitation yuki shuichi kiss avatar yaoiboys yaoi avatar

  • work on more than one story at a time
    Hey! I do that! Which is, ah, why it takes me so long to finish anything, so I hope they weren’t looking for advice.

  • myfirstchesthair
    This was one from last year too! Why are there so many people Googling this?!

  • lousy chest hair
    I actually felt bad—no one should be cursed with such a thing.

  • locked collar around his neck
    I thought this one was hot, and starting plotting out a story featuring the imagery. Then I remembered that, riiiight, *Kian* spent the prologue of Paul’s Dream with a collar around his neck. Still, doesn’t mean I can’t write more, right?

So those are my faves. I’m hoping they get even weirder in 2009. One of many things I’m very much looking forward to.

Everyone, have a Happy New Year.

Note: Originally many of the links in this blog led to MySpace, and have since been changed to make them easier to access from this portal.

Down with OTP (yeah, you know me)

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, October 16, 2008.

First, I have to apologize for the truly awful title of this particular blog. I seem to be getting worse and worse at this. 🙂

Second, below is a clip from a random IM conversation I had with Katrina Strauss the other day. I edited our screen names, so “R” stands for “Rowan” and “K” stands for “Katrina.”

R: hey, who’s your number 1 otp?
K: seph x cloud, baby.
K: opens the door for all sorts of dark, twisted, noncon lovin’ lol
R: haha
R: that’s def a good one
R: omg, love that scene where seph appears in Advent Children
R: it’s so flirtatious
R: in a ‘you might die from my lovin and i’m okay with that’ sort of way…
K: lol
K: yes it’s very sexy when he tells clouds it’s been a while
K: it’s like, a while since what? we want to know!

OTP stands for One True Pair. Nearly everyone I know has one—mine is Byakuya x Renji. The appeal of my OTP is similar to Katrina’s, in that I adore that Blood=Smex hawtness. It’s not cannon and it’s probably very, very wrong, but I can’t help it. I get thrills whenever I see them together.

The whole conversation was so much fun. Now I’m dying to know—What’s your OTP?

A hot and sanctioned couple like Katou and Iwaki?

Is it a pairing that will never, ever be cannon (er, Spock/Kirk comes to mind) but is wicked fun to imagine?

From anime/manga? From movies/TV? More traditional media?

Tell me who. Tell me why. If you have more than one favorite pairing, share the love. Byakuya x Renji is my OTP, but Chris x Darien in Jet Mykles’s Heaven Sent series still make my toes curl. Rock star, hot British lawyer… I didn’t stand a chance. 😉

Can’t wait to see your responses. I’m always curious about which characters people pair together. Every once in a while someone shares one I’d never considered before, and I’m exposed to an entirely new world of hawtness.

And, really, who couldn’t use more hawtness?

Note: Many of the original MySpace links have been changed to make surfing easier on this portal.

The Big List of Oh-So-Wrong.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, August 25, 2008.

OnyxFaith (Libra Illustrations) and I have put together a blog with the intent of compiling all the things that have scarred us on the internet over the years.  It’s meant to be some good clean (okay, probably not so clean) entertainment, with videos, images, and links to articles.  As of now, there are no set criteria for what we put up–it’s pretty much just us having goofy caffeine soaked fun.

You can find the Big List at:  Hope you have as good a time as we do with it, and if you feel the need to comment or contribute, please feel free.

Trick or Treat With Me!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, September 12, 2008.

Last year, I invited friends, fans, writers, artists, and readers to trick-or-treat at my place.  It was so much fun that I’d like to make it a yearly tradition, so if you’d like to ring my bell, I’m listing the rules (pretty much identical to 2007) below.

As with last year, I’ll be having a Halloween party on my site beginning October 1st.  Right now, the home page features my introduction, and a random piece of art every time you visit. On October 1st, the decorations go up, and I’d really like you to ring my bell and show me your costumes. If you do, they’ll go in that spot where my cover art usually resides.

Also, this year there will be a separate Halloween gallery (I was going to call it “Gallery of Ghouls” but that just seemed so morbid).  This way, you can see all the pics at once without having to refresh the page over and over.

There are lots of ways to ring my bell:

If you’re comfortable—or if you have a really great mask—send me a picture of yourself in costume or (mmm) cosplay.

If you’re a writer, send me a “scary-fied” version of one of your book covers. An easy way to do this is to wash the image in red. For example, my uber kawaii and heart touching True cover would have a transformation like this:

But if you’ve got other ideas, run with them. I’m aching to see how creative you can be. Animations work for me, but please make those files .gif and keep the size of them under 500kb’s.

If you’re an artist… hell, you can do just about anything as long as it’s Halloween themed. Dress up a favorite character in another favorite character’s clothing, or create a new image just for the occasion. Personally, I’d like to see one of my own characters in costume, but what writer doesn’t adore having someone do fan art for them?

Ohhh, and plushies.  Would love to see some plush madness.  I have a Gaara that loves to cosplay.

The nitty gritty:

The image has to be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. It has to be at least 500 pixels high and no more than 400 pixels wide.

If you want, print a message on the picture. It can say Happy Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, your website address, your tag, etc. Just don’t, you know, swear at me.  If you’d like me to print your name on the picture, let me know what you’d like to be called and exactly how you want me to spell it.

No nudity.

The picture must belong to you. If it’s a book cover, it has to be your book cover. If it’s a person in costume, it has to be you in the costume. I’m giving a little leeway with the fan art and whatnot because it’s Halloween and it’s all about the cosplay, but no ripping off someone else’s stuff and saying it’s yours.

To enter:

Just email the image to with “Trick-or-Treat!” in the subject. The pictures will start going up October 1st, and I’ll keep accepting them right up until Halloween. Remember, it’s my prerogative whether to put your image on my site, so don’t be offended if I feel it’s inappropriate for reasons not listed above.

Have fun!

I made an AMV!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Note: This blog was originally published on my MySpace blog, April 2, 2008.

When I went to Katsucon in February, I got to attend their AMV (Anime Music Video) awards. It was much fun, and I didn’t even know those kind of things could be *done* with AMV’s, so I found myself enthralled.

My friend, a non-anime watcher who was nevertheless uber impressed, leaned over and said, “You should make one of those!”

My response?

“Are you nuts? That’s a whole skill-set that I don’t have!”

To which she blithely replied, “But you can do anything! I believe in you!”

My friends have too much faith in me, I think. But when I got home I gave it a try. All I had was the editing software that came with my computer (Windows Movie Maker) and I didn’t really know how to use it. I dinked around, did some stuff that made me grin and realize I was having fun. I did a Gravi video that still had the subtitles attached, but I cooed over it because it was mine.

At end of last month, I made a second video, using footage from Bleach. I love Byakuya x Renji, and even though they never hook up in the anime, I paired them together because I’m twisted that way. Adored how it turned out. I’m a newbie in every way when it comes to making these things, but I wanted to share: